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Trendy London Bars – Best Choice of 2017

Trendy London Bars – Best Choice of 2017

Going out for a drink is about more than selecting the bar closest to you. There are a huge variety of bars and clubs in London but not all of them are seen as trendy.

You will wish to be seen at the trendiest spots in order to confirm your reputation as hip and cool; it is also the best place to meet new people and discover exciting opportunities!

With the abundance of bars it can be difficult to know which ones you should be looking to be known to frequent; this guide will help:


This bar is located in Soho and offers two distinctive yet vibrant atmospheres.

The downstairs bar is designed to be casual; it has all the latest drinks on the menu; including the frothy prosecco known as sgroppino.

In contrast the upstairs bar has a darker, more Italian vibe; you need to be sophisticated to mingle with this crowd!

There is also a basement which is well laid out to provide a variety of romantic spots; they may not be perfect for the first date, but the third or fourth….

Perhaps the defining factor is the way the staff seem to be constantly there when you need them and invisible the rest of the time!

Untitled Bar

This bar is set in Kingsland and stands out simply because of its name! In fact, it has much more to offer than just this. The bar offers an impress array of cocktails; certainly enough to keep you going all night!

The setting is minimalistic but this simply adds to the atmosphere as the building starts to fill through the evening. What is impressive is the attention to detail; every part of each cocktail is detailed perfectly. Bar is also quirky in that it has no bar, drinks are prepared and sold from several small stations round the bar and each one is a masterpiece!

Ray’s Bar

This bar is a new arrival, in the space which used to be occupied by Dance Tunnel. It has a distinctively dance feel; most of the surfaces glitter and dazzle you. In fact, you could almost feel like you had been transported back to the seventies. But, whilst the drinks menu has the same glitzy effect, it is definitely offering a modern and vibrant atmosphere.

The large range of cocktails is separated in menu choices; in much the same way you would find the food choices in a restaurant. This makes it easy to track your process through the different tastes and enjoy the ambience.

Book Club

This bar has been a popular spot for several years and continues to be one of the trendiest spots in London. It is located in Shoreditch and offers a laid back but exciting venue. A place that makes you feel like anything is possible and you could meet anyone!


This bar has one of the most imaginative titles in London! Located in De Beauvoir Town it has the feel of a photographic studio. This is partly because it is part of a new space in London dedicated to creating photo studios for hire!

In many ways this bar is simply a meeting place for all the up and coming artists. This is what gives it the unique and vibrant feel. Although designed to feel like an art gallery, the friendly and helpful staff quickly put you at ease and allow you to enjoy the impressive menu.