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Biggest dilemma when going out: How to choose a restaurant?

How to choose a restaurant

If you often go to the restaurant, know the great menus and the amount of choice when ordering. Usually you land again and again in the same restaurants and order the same dishes. The choice of a new restaurant is therefore sometimes quite difficult, because you always compare with what you already know. In restaurants, not only is the food as a selection criterion about whether a visit is worthwhile or not. Meanwhile, restaurants offer more and more whole experiences, so that one besides a good food still more offers. We have looked at what else you should pay attention to.

This starts with the popularity of the restaurant. Many of the world’s leading chef chefs run their own restaurants in the major metropolitan areas and offer the opportunity to try out some of the best dishes from the cooking traditions. This is an experience, which is not too often (and can be allowed) and should therefore definitely go into the decision-making at the restaurant with. In addition to the actual food and the popularity level of the chef, the restaurants themselves have a lot in the petto. If you do not always want the same pizza from the Italians around the corner, you can even look for new recipes of the country, you may have heard of the black pizza from Naples, which has a very special dough ? Sometime something new to eat in the food expands the horizon and thus the choice of restaurants. Sushi, Thai cuisine or such interesting new things as fusion cuisine are getting stronger. After the choice has fallen on a culinary group, it is now finally the same – the restaurant itself. Here there are a lot of things to consider, be it the logistical with the connection, the proximity to the house or the office. It is also becoming more and more important that the restaurant has a welcoming and authentic ambience. For example, if you are an Italian, you can expect some typical Italian items, such as the national flag and empty wine bottles inside. The same is true for Sushibars and the medieval restaurants without electricity. Simply put, it must fit holistically. If you go to the restaurant nowadays, it is no longer only the quiet consumer of dishes, but at the same time you want to feel at home in the surroundings and to feel the feeling of authenticity. After all, good prices are always paid for something you can cook with a little training at home. The decision about the right restaurant should therefore not be made ad hoc, but always in accordance with what you want to achieve with the food and experience. And so the research is much more fun.