Pubs, beers and more

Ways to save money at the Casino

casino bar

We all have our own ways to wind down from a hard day, week or year of work. Some go skiing, others stay in bed, while me? I like to go to casinos. 

Let me just say right off the bat, in case you have never been to a casino, I know what you are thinking. I know stereotypes well. But just like in a fancy skiing resort you can meet drunks and families, in casino you also meet a diverse group of people.  

Some are heavy gamblers and drunks that perhaps should not be allowed to a casino in their life. Others are casual players, adults that decided to spend their hard-earned money on card games and slots. Others are just spectators of poker tournaments. After all, you can enter most casino sites for free 

Personally, I like casinos for their drinks and food. 

Save money at the casino bar


Here’s the tip of a lifetime – casinos often give away stuff for free to their players. That’s why often you can spend less, get some game time and many free drinks. But remember, while free drinks are great, the more you drink, the more you lose control over yourself. Make sure you don’t have money that’s easily accessible after you had your 10th shot.  . 

In any case, take roulette. Betting black/red or even/odd gives you 48% chance of winning (same applies to slots, as they offer 98% RTP). Play slow, make the same bet and you won’t lose too much. Just try and notice when players at your casino get free drinks. So, for example, you play 10x $2 rounds, lose $2 but get a free $10 cocktail.   Poker tournaments

Again, some poker tournaments at the casino offer free drinks for participants. It’s not free, of course but just like with my previous point, you get to play poker for a couple of hours, get a couple of beers or mixed drinks and all for $10 or $15. 

That’s cheap as chips if you ask me 

Quality Casino Restaurant


Another way you can save money is having dinner at the casino. Don’t believe me? Check out the head chefs in the casinos around your area. You will be surprised how much quality is in those kitchens.  

Go to a casino, get the menu and check out the menu. Often you will be able to stumble upon culinary gems. And what’s more important, in a casino it won’t be that expensive. Or, if it is, then ask around for player discounts. These types of discounts often go out as coupons and are quite common around casinos in Europe and America, especially if you are spending the night in the casino’s hotel.     


The truth about economy is simple. Either spend less or earn more. The same principle applies to many things in life, including a trip to casino. Saving money doesn’t mean not spending at all. If you do spend, you may get a lot of other things for free.