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The best bars in Berlin for the perfect pub crawl

The best bars in Berlin for the perfect pub crawl

In Berlin landed and in search of cool possibilities to get in touch with other travelers in the hostel? Pubcrawls are always ideal for this! Pubcrawls are mostly hosted by hostels and other types of accommodation, where locals take the travelers to the coolest and hippest bars and clubs in the city for an evening to learn about the life of the city. Of course in Berlin, a city that simply never sleeps. Here you can experience something every evening of the week, no matter what the meaning is. We took the trouble to gather the most important information about the best pubcrawl bars in the capital.

First of all, it is important to decide where in Berlin you want to have the pubcrawl. Since the city is simply huge and offers something for all tastes, the right district is a relevant criterion. In the “Mitte” part of the city, it is traditionally a bit more touristy, as there are a lot of the many sights of the city and also the connection to bus and train is excellent. But this also means that bars are here, such as the “thousand”. Why this pub is called, is clear at first glance into the map – there is hardly anything here. Try out the first Wasabicock in the city and check out what the streets have to offer. For a short stay this bar is always worth it, it is visited by guests as well as by locals. Not far from the “Millennium” lies the “Newton Bar”, named after an iconic artist. Here yuppies and bankers give themselves the handle in the hand and you can comfortably drink a quiet and insights into the world of Berlin.

“Kim”, a bar that has been around for 10 years and is now a cult – simply because a city like Berlin is often very fast-moving. The interesting thing about “Kim” is the feeling unfinished, just like the city itself.

On the Prenzlauer Berg, on the other hand, something else is hanging in the air – here one can experience cultural life and art even more. “8mm” offers the people relaxed DJ tunes away from the tour. So if you should be nearby, check out the weekend, just like in the “Prater”. Comfort is taking place here on Bavarian banks, and the time is spent with the other people in their being. In the evenings, this shed is perfect for a pubcrawl, because visitors and locals often sit at one of the long wooden tables and talk so easily into the conversation.

But what is so fascinating about Berlin is the complexity. In Kreuzberg, Neukölln or Schöneberg, life breathes differently, here the pubs and scene clubs are completely different from the ones mentioned above. Pubcrawls also change again and again, so you should just dive into the bar scene of Berlin and try to absorb everything to experience the culture with a delicious glass!