Pubs, beers and more

How to attract guests to your restaurant?

Here I want to share my thoughts on the ways, which at relatively small material and physical expenses allow to attract attention to your restaurant and increase its attendance. Much of the above was successfully tested at its own restaurants. However, do not think that one incarnate idea will be able to change something much. The more ideas you embody, the better the effect will be. This is called a “synergistic” effect.

So, in order to survive in hard times, you need:

1. Agree on a joint action with businesses in the service sector and “retail” in your area. To do this, it is necessary to come up with the idea of ​​a joint cross-marketing campaign, which could logically unite all the participants. For example, a restaurant, a flower shop, a beauty salon, a clothing boutique, a dental clinic (or simply a private clinic), a supermarket of a premium class, a fitness center could join together in a joint action dedicated to beauty and a healthy lifestyle. The cross-marketing action assumes mutual recommendation of any product, services by all participants of the action. Moreover, the more recommendations the client receives, the better. A recommended message is a discount coupon for a restaurant visit to a client of a beauty salon, a banner at the entrance, informing about the affiliate program and implying an advantageous offer from all participants in the action, joint advertising in the press, which will save each participant on placement, etc.

2. Collect customer base with mobile phone numbers of guests for regular SMS sending, notifying about restaurant news, menu updates, drawings and promotions.

3. Revise the concept of the restaurant. Make the restaurant more affordable, democratic, understandable, without unnecessary exotics.

4. Offer guests a parallel new menu with reduced prices. At the same time, preserving the most popular dishes of the old menu. Prices of the old menu are best left or reduced not significantly. Otherwise, the guests may have a feeling that you have always “ripped off” them. And this will cause distrust to the restaurant.

5. Reduce prices for spirits, if earlier prices were unreasonably high.

6. Introduce fixed combinations of popular dishes in the likeness of “business lunch” and offer a significant discount when re-ordering the same or another combination.

7. Make every 5th “business lunch” free.

8. Introduce complimentary dishes from the restaurant, if the check for the guest has passed a certain threshold.

9. Introduce the delivery of dishes with a discount “take-away” from the restaurant in the nearest offices and residential buildings. It is possible to set the bar of the minimum order.

10. Add an entertaining component to the restaurant, try to create a holiday atmosphere, so that guests have a desire to come to you and distract from their problems. For example, you can set up a small casino in your restaurant. Sounds expensive? It’s not. Put a couple of tablets near the tables and open a casino page >>link here<< where your customers will find free pokies to play. Maybe they will even sign up and win money which can end up by them spending more at the restaurant as well. Profit and fun for customers, profit for you.

11. Agree with the hotel reception of the nearest hotels so that they recommend your restaurant to the hotel guests as not expensive, with good food and reputation. Of course, in order to maintain a good relationship with the receptionist, you will need to track guests and pay him a commission.

12. Agree with the nearest theaters on the exchange of advertising leaflets.

13. Enter the “happy hours” after closing the nearby offices. Offer discount drinks and not expensive “finger food” for snacks. Perhaps, one of your guests, who have run in for a minute, will stay for dinner.

14. Think of something extraordinary to attract media representatives who will do reportage.

15. Print color flyers advertising your cafe and inviting you to participate in some other event,or shares. The most attractive actions for guests are “buy one dish and get another dish / drink is free. “And give, give, give out these flyers! You can to agree with the mail and carry flyers to the mailboxes of residents of the nearby area.